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Hookah Harem

Hypnosis and adult oriented audio experiences

Image by MK Hamilton

What do I do?

Relax and send yourself on an adventure

Hello there! I typically go by Sangria Snake, but you can call me Sanny. I fancy myself a hypnotist and want to use my skills to fill the world with what myself and other people want to hear!

This site has many kinds of audio experiences for you to enjoy, my main focus however is hypnosis. My hypnosis tracks are a wonderful mix of arousing and calming, meant to inspire positive thinking along with the pleasure. I also have lots of fun audio plays, scenarios and soundscapes to relax to and enjoy. I hope you can find something that tickles your fancy. 

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Support for extra benefits!

If you want to support me then feel free to follow my Patreon! Any amount is appreciated and you get the following benefits from any amount!

  • Get access to WIP files of my work.

  • Vote to decide the content of some future files.

  • Get access to exclusive commission slots whenever I open so you never miss out!

  • Commission discounts of 10% or more!

  • Access to other things I might upload like sound packs.


Drop me a ko-fi if you want to tip!

I also have a Ko-fi! If you wanna support me in other ways feel free to drop me a tip every now and then, I always appreciate it.


Follow me for updates and if you wanna get in touch.

Feel free to follow my Twitter as well! I update my feed whenever I open up for commissions and sometimes I post some cute commission art I get.


Subscribe for updates when new files drop!

I also upload most of my stuff to Youtube! Feel free to subscribe to me there so you always know when a new file has been released.

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