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Appointments are available!

I have started offering live Discord hypnosis sessions! Im open for sessions Monday through Thursday and you only have to pay if you are satisfied! You also get a free recording of the session afterward.

Please read ToS before scheduling. 

Terms of Service

Please read

-All customers understand and agree to the rules listed below upon contacting me.

-Terms of Service are subject to change at any time.

-I have the right to refuse any customer at any time.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a trained mental health professional. If you have serious mental health issues please seek the help of a trained professional. My hypnosis is strictly for recreational purposes and by filling out this form you are acknowledging as such. I cannot stress enough, I am not a therapist. Please seek professional help if you are having severe mental health issues.


THIS SERVICE IS ONLY FOR ADULTS 18+. Full birthday will be asked of you when submitting a form and if I suspect you of being a minor I reserve the right to cancel your appointment at any time and you will be bared from future sessions with me.


Sessions typically last 45 minutes to an hour so please set aside enough time to have one.


Sessions will include pre hypnosis discussion of topics and subjects you wish to cover and will also include ample aftercare if needed.


You will only be charged for the actual time of active hypnosis. 

People who support my Patreon will receive a discount on sessions.


If you are not satisfied with the quality of your session then you will not have to pay, though I would ask you give me ample details and criticism so that I might improve. 


Actual hypnosis time will range between 20 and 30 minutes, 30 being my max as to make sure I can rest my voice. I charge $1 a minute so detailing how long you want the session to last ahead of time is helpful. Payment will be due after the session.


My work days are Monday through Thursday, we can discuss a proper appointment time personally. You are free to message me about any rescheduling needs at any time and there will be no sort of fee for doing so. 


As an additional bonus you may request that your session be recorded for you. This comes at no extra cost and your permission will be asked before uploading it in any public capacity.


Sessions are typically done over Discord voice chat but you may request other voice chats if Discord is not applicable for you. Voice chat is required however and try to make sure you have a stable connection so there will be no loss in quality of my voice. 


Headphones are highly recommended for this experience. 




I work best with material involving inflatables and balloons. You are in no way required to feature these elements but they are merely the subjects I work best with. I also have no issue with doing lewd or NSFW ideas.


Will Not Do:

I will not do any of the following

-Sexual Assault
-Any underaged subjects such as cub
-Mental or physical abuse



$1 per minute

I charge $1 per minute of active hypnosis. This does not include pre session discussion and aftercare. You will not be charged for a unsatisfactory session. You also receive a recording of your session. Max hypnosis length is 30 minutes.

Patron Discount

Up to $5 off your session

People who are supporters of my Patreon get an exclusive discount on sessions equal to their pledge up to 5$

If I am open and you are interested in an appointment then please fill out this form and I will get in touch soon!

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