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Commissions are open!

I can also make you your very own custom audio files. From hypnosis to audioplays to soundscapes. I will work with you to make you the exciting audio experience you are looking for!

Slight changes have been made to the ToS! Please read before commissioning.

Terms of Service

Please read before commissioning.

-All commissioners understand and agree to the rules listed below upon commissioning me.
-Terms of Service are subject to change at any time.
-I have the right to refuse any commission at any time.


Pricing and payment:

I charge by the word for all my projects. All projects include editing and foley if needed.


You are welcome to pay me at any point in the process at your own discretion however keep in mind I tend to prioritize clients who have paid in my queue over ones that have yet to do so, so paying early is a good way to get your commission sooner. If you are a new or unknown customer to me then you may be subject to upfront payment at the time of scripting before any more progress will be made on the project.


If you are not satisfied with any part of the process I will work with you until it is satisfactory for no charge, however please keep your changes to a reasonable amount and please be upfront with all changes you want before any are made, excessive requests to change a project could result in additional fees for extra labor. If a satisfactory project cannot be reached then I will refund your payment in full or will work on a different idea or prompt with you.



Step 1 is drafting up a script for the project. I do this in Google Docs and will send you a draft of it once im done for approval. Feel free to make comments and suggest any changes you want at this step.

Step 2 is voice sampling. If I am doing a new or unfamiliar voice I will record samples of it to give you an idea of what I will sound like. You are free to give me any sort of direction and guidance you want at this step.

Step 3 is voice over. I will record the approved script and will send you the raw audio file as a WIP. You are free to make changes and suggestions at this step.

Step 4 is foley and wrap-up. I will then do any foley if necessary and will prepare the finished file. If you are satisfied with the result then payment will be due here.


You are also free to request your file not be posted on my public pages like FA and Youtube.

I will choose not to upload works to my FA or Youtube in general if the file is particularly personal or specific to the client.



I work best with material involving inflatables and balloons. You are in no way required to feature these elements but they are merely the subjects I work best with. I also have no issue with doing lewd or NSFW ideas.


Will Not Do:

I will not do any of the following

-Sexual Assault
-Any underaged subjects such as cub
-Mental or physical abuse

Commission Types



Hypnosis files are 100$ per 800 words. Inductions do not count for the word count and you may choose the length of your induction for the file from short (5 minutes), medium (10 minutes), or long (15 minutes). This is at no extra cost



Audioplays are 120$ per 800 words since these require more post production. These are roughly 5 minutes. If its more you will not be charged extra.


20$ per minute

Soundscapes and sound work in general are 20$ per minute. If you want me to dub over an animation, make a general soundscape, or only want something that's a few minutes long then this is for you. These however generally don't contain much scripting if at all.

Additional Costs & Discounts

File Extensions

+ 10$ to 20$

You may extend any file by increments of 200 words. 20$ per for Audioplays and 10$ per for Hypnosis.

Extra Actors

+ 50% per actor

Patron Discount

- Pledge Amount + 10%

If you wish to have more then one voice actor on the project that can be done! Projects will cost 50% more for every extra actor on it. This is to compensate for needing to pay said actors, setting up recording sessions and a more difficult editing process.

People who are supporters of my Patreon get an exclusive discount on a commission project

once per month. This discount starts at 10% and goes up depending on your tier.

If I am open and you are interested in a commission then please fill out this form and I will get in touch soon!

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