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Buy any paid content from me like special audioplays and files. Any and all sales help me keep doing this for a living so I would greatly appreciate it if you were to even take a look. I hope you find it worth the price.

Audiobook: The New Milkmaid - $5


Our lovely Penny is a farm hand looking for a new farm to call her own. Things seem like they are going south until she spots an interesting ad in the paper for a milkmaid posistion. Might as well give it a look right? But will it be more then she can handle. A short story written by yours truely! 

Audiobook: Balloon Bimbos - $5

balloon bimbos.png

A horny balloon crazed cat gets himself a bundle of balloon bimbos to boink, but has this cat bitten off more then he can chew? A 18+ erotic audiobook featuring permanent popping.

Written by Transgenic

Audiobook: Making Waves - $5

comm cam 2cover.png

Enjoy a 33 minute audiobook featuring pooltoys, inflation, and

all sorts of lewd things. This is very much an adult swim if you catch my drift. Written by Leinster

Audiobook: Airshow Envy - $5


Enjoy a 13 minute short story that features gay romance, furries, big inflated animals having a good time and maybe an explosion or two. written by Selph.

Audiobook: Goopy Gary - $5


Enjoy a story featuring goo, transformation, inflation, bursting and general lewd themes. Written by Tombfyre and narrated by me and with mood enhancing soundwork added to help sell the fun.

Audiobook: The Package - $5

comm cam ex.png

Enjoy a roughly 30 minute lewd tale. Written by Leinster and narrated by me featuring inflation, balloons, aggressive doming, rimjobs, footplay, sex and popping!

The Bubble Bazaar - $5


A 7 minute audioplay featuring me and my dear friend Maple as he pays a visit to our titular pink snake and enjoys a relaxing hypnotherapy session. Enjoy this serene and peaceful experience. 

Date with a Balloon - $5

Enjoy a 3 part audio file where you decide to go on a date with a charming inflatable and spend the day together. 

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